Our belief is simple... quality karate training should be affordable, safe, rewarding, and be enjoyable for all. We teach traditional Shotokan karate—the most popular style of karate that is enjoyed by men, women and children in virtually every country in the world. The training our members enjoy is focused on correct learning, sound fundamentals, and traditional ways of practice. Because of our traditional methods, we expect our students should be able to travel anywhere in the world and fit in seamlessly at any other Shotokan club.

The Shikomu Karate Club operates as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing our members with excellent instruction. Our 10 Black Belt instructors have trained in different parts of the world and now volunteer their time to share their experience with our students. We have no contracts so you can try classes for adult or children risk-free.

The Shikomu Karate Club is a member of Traditional Karate Arts Canada who accredit our Black Belts. This means confidence in the quality of our teaching, and opportunities for advanced training with internationally recognized experts.

Beginner or experienced students of all ages are welcome. Take a free trial lesson today!