The Shotokan Karate club offers separate classes for children and adults. All classes teach traditional Shotokan karate—the most popular style of karate that is enjoyed by men, women and children in virtually every country in the world. Students learn fundamental techniques, kata, self-defence and controlled sparring.

Beginner or experienced students of all ages are welcome. Take a free trial lesson today!

Young martial artists, age 7 and up, train twice weekly in our children's classes. Like our adult class, the emphasis is on traditional Shotokan karate skills. Classes are taught by our team of Black Belt instructors.

Children benefit greatly from karate training. They develop their self-confidence and self-discipline, improve their strength and co-ordination, and enjoy regular exercise. In additional to traditional karate, students are taught practical self-defence. Our instructors always ensure the children have fun while learning.

Because our focus is on student self-development rather than ranking they are allowed to advance at their own pace. We do not have contracts and you are welcome to try several classes for free before joining.

Adult classes are offered four times a week for students from their mid teens to over 50. Students advance at their own pace so anyone, regardless of age or fitness, can start learning karate.

Our curriculum is traditional Shotokan karate skills. Through the practice of karate you can enhance all areas of your life, including greater self-confidence, self-esteem, and physical conditioning.

Regular classes are lead by Chief Instructor Sandy Roney with the assistance of the Black Belt instructional team. Through our affiliation with Traditional Karate Arts Canada, advanced classes are taught by Shihan Kim Dunn. To further broaden our students' exposure to the best martial arts training, we host seminars with international experts such as Ian Abernethy.