2017-09 In Class Tournament

On Saturday September 23, we held a tournament for the junior students. There were three divisions by age with students competing in both kata and kumite. Congratulations to all the competetors!

Nikola Promoted to Black Belt

Congratulations to Nikola who has been promoted to Shodan (1st dan) Black Belt. The grading was overseen by Shihan Kim Dunn, Sensei Tom Okura, and Sensei Sandy Roney. Certificates were awarded by Traditional Karate Arts Canada on 2017-06-25. Nikola started in our kids program and it has been rewarding to see him mature and advance in his training. Well done!

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Celebrating Shihan Kim Dunn—50 Years of Karate

On June 17, 2017, students and collegues of Shihan Kim Dunn gathered to celebrate his 50 years of training in Karate. In attendence were special guests Master Henry Choo Chong, Hanshi Daryoush Jahangir, Sensei Al Poulis, Sensei Rob Hudson, and Sensei Tom Okura. Messages of congratulations were shared from Shihan Brad Jones, Hanshi Cezar Borkowski, Hanshi Kenzo Dozono, Sensei Sandy Roney, and many others. You can read more about Shihan Kim Dunn’s distinguished karate career on the TKAC web site.
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