SWOR Tournament Results

It doesn’t seem a year ago that we were first invited to the MAPDA/SWOR Tournament in Caledonia but time crept up on us fast and we made the trip again this past Saturday to see our Wado friends and take part in this year’s Tournament. As last year we were given a warm welcome and this was made all the better by having a large contingent from our Dojo attending.

I would like to mention a couple of standout performances, not for the colour of the medal but for the guts showed in winning the medal. One of our purple belts won his first medal and it just happened to be a bronze in Kumite. He is always the first to enter the competitions but has never had the good fortune to win a medal. Well done, your hard work has paid off. One of our yellow belts also won a bronze medal but this time in Kata, but wait till you hear which division! Because there weren’t any competitors in her division (16-20 White/Yellow Kata) she was bumped up to the Blue-Brown division. Way to go, I’m afraid I didn’t see your kata but I heard it was spectacular. Congratulations to our youth competitors who took home a total of 13 medals.

We also had success in the adult divisions:

  • Paul won a medal in Kumite.
  • Sensei Mark won Gold for Kata in the Nidan-Sandan division.
  • Sensei Sean won Gold in the Nidan-Sandan Kumite division.
  • Sensei Owen won Silver in the Masters Kata division
  • and Sensei Tom won Gold in the Masters Kata division.

Sensei Tom and I are proud of the Shikomu students, not only for the way you competed but for the wonderful way you represented the Dojo and TKAC. I hope everyone had a great time on the day and who knows we might be able to take more students next year and win more medals.

Best Wishes,
Sensei Sandy

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